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Disallow events to be created X days before Event Start Time



  • Debra Hamblin

    Need an example of when this feature would be used. This is too vague to understand its context.

  • Luke Littrell

    Thanks for this great feedback Debra!  That article has now been updated.

  • Adam Porter

    I think this feature is great! Can you make it like the update feature where it can be toggled ON or OFF for Admins? Apply Event Update restriction X hours prior to the Event Start to the Admins as well"

  • Luke Littrell

    Hey Adam!

    Thanks so much for this...I have actually mentioned this to our Development Team.  They are working through several other enhancements ahead of this, but it is on their radar.  In the interim, please add your suggestion to "Post Idea", located under the "Help" drop-down menu on the top right of your dashboard so that others within the system can vote on it.

    Our Development Team monitors these regularly and considers them for future enhancements, especially those with 30+ votes. We are grateful for all of our clients' ideas as they drive development, making us even better! 

    Thanks again!



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