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  • Ryan Clark

    This doesn't help me for rehearsal reporting.  This is from the CCLI website:

    For churches that store and stream a library of audio files on web-based worship planning software, you will base your copy estimates and your reporting on the “first listen” per song for each person. So even though all your musicians and vocalists may have access to your weekly set list and audio files, and some people may listen to a specific song multiple times, you only need to count the first time that each person listens to a song as an actual “copy.”

    So I think the report should show downloads/streams in a date range for users that HAVE NOT previously downloaded or streamed.  There's no way others are reporting properly unless they are complaining about it as well.  It takes waaaay to long to sift through multiple exports that don't have consistent reference columns to do vlookups in Excel as well as other methods to establish what needs to be reported.  if user "A" listened to the song 6 weeks ago, i'm not supposed to report them this week.  There's no way for me to sensibly achieve this with what is provided.  Please help!!!

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