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Changing Your Own Account Information



  • Ted Ball
    Got it. I was hoping to get all of my communications via SMS, and *some* via email. The way it looks now, I have to get all thru email and I can add SMS (which I did). I'd prefer to get the main commo -- assignments, accept/decline, and changes -- thru SMS but not email. Is that possible?
  • Tom R Metz

    Hi Ted.  Due to the lengthy information that can often be included in the messages sent from WP, we felt it necessary to always have all messages to go email.  Making SMS the "main" way (with the option for emails to be partial) means that important info might never be received as a message since since SMS is so limited.  You should be able to add SMS notification for all communications from WP if you want, however.


  • Michelle Park

    One of our team members who worship leads occasionally does not have a computer, an e-mail address or even an internet connection. She would like to receive texts whenever possible. I assumed I could edit her personal info (all I have in there is her name, cell phone # and skills) to include her preference to receive SMS texts, but I can't find that. Can this be done?  Thanks.



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