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Creating a Service



  • Laurie Ast

    Hi Tom,

    Is there ANY way to find our worship flow from Good Friday LAST year?  (leave it to me to ask bizarre questions!)

    Hope you're doing great!

    Serving  with you,

    Laurie Ast


  • Tom R Metz

    Hi Laurie,

    I know I just answered your question via support ticket, but I'll go ahead and post the answer here for the benefit of others that might be following this article.

    1. Once logged in to your WP account, go to Services >> Manage All Services
    2. Click the “Show Past Services” button on the far left

    You might have to make sure you are sorting by the date and adjust the number of services that show per page to view the correct service.


  • Laura Jean Martin

    I cannot find this page in my account and I am a "planner".  I've looked through all the tabs and cannot find this page. Help please!

  • Tom R Metz

    Hi Laura Jean.  I believe the issue is that you are security level "Ministry Scheduler", which doesn't have the ability to create services.  But you should be able to view past services by using the instructions above ( ).


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