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Worship Flow Templates



  • Ricelle Gumatay

    Hi. Is there any way that I can create may own service template? I can't seem to find the "worship flow templates page" as instructed above. We use the same Worship flow every week and i hope we could customize our own template. Please help. Thanks!


  • Test Person

    Hello Ricelle,

    Absolutely! The service template function is not visible unless you are a level 3 planner, and I see that you are level 2. If your leader can make you a level 3, you will see the option under the main Services menu., If you already have a service created that would be a good place to start a template, you can also just open that service, then go to the blue "actions" menu on the right side and choose "create template from this event". If you need further help with this feel free to contact us through the support center by navigating to "help". 


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